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Philosophy and Nature of Practice

Igor brings to his work a belief in each client's inherent ability to heal and grow. The aim of his practice is to assist individuals not only to overcome their difficulties but to also find joy and fulfillment in the task of living. This often means a deliberate and conscious understanding of the way we relate to our inner life, thoughts, feelings and beliefs so that we may find and live more freely from our true nature, our Real Self.This work includes building, strengthening,and mobilizing internal and external supports in order to assist rather than assault our experience.

To accomplish this, he draws from his specialized training in Body Centered Gestalt Therapy as well as a combination of approaches including cognitive behavioral, developmental, transactional analysis, and Internal Family Systems among others.

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                                      Specialty Areas


  • Children with adjustment problems to life transitions and family events.
  • School related difficulties.
  • Children's behavior problems.


  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting challenges
  • Developmental and life transition issues
  • Anger control
  • Domestic violence
  • Self development
  • Acculturation issues
  • Parenting groups


Helping men to develop a fuller inner life experience, free of

constrictions, beliefs and behaviors that bind us in rigid roles. 

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